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Date:  11 - 12 - 13 May 2017

Place: The Ankara Hotel

Address: Eti Mah. Celal Bayar Bulvarı. No:78 Maltepe / ANKARA

Cancer has been increasing day by day throughout the world. WHO and UN invited countries to set up cancer control programs and many governmental and non-governmental organizations, led by UICC, initiated working on cancer control programs both locally and globally.


Most important type among the cancer control programs is palliative care. Even though most countries do not have the sufficient human resources or economic resources to detect or prevent cancer, palliative care is the fastest and the cheapest healthcare system that can be developed worldwide. Palliative care is considered to be a human right in most countries and its positive impacts are proven experimentally. Such positive impacts can be listed as increase in the lifespan, even in the terminal period, increase in the quality of life, and reduction in the healthcare expenses.


Palliative care services in Turkey has developed rapidly in the last 3 years. Turkey has become popular worldwide recently with improvements like homemade morphine production, home healthcare services and palliative care centers. However, integration problems, pain management guidance issues, refunding issues and problems related with certificate programs still exist. 


In this congress, we intended to gather representatives from ministries and the industry and bring the existing problems with palliative care services up for discussion. In addition to that, we will have the opportunity to view the presentations of the palliative care centers and some application examples from 81 provinces. We will also have the opportunity to discuss palliative care applications abroad with the representatives from abroad and WHO representatives. 


With my best wishes to see you in the SADEFE International Congress on Palliative Care Services for a better Turkey,



SADEFE Board of Directors

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